Using a combination of state-of-the-art research methods, high-end equipment, clinical expertise, and experience, qEEG-Pro offers extensive and concise reports in conjunction with affordability and quick turnaround. The qEEG-Pro Report Generator was constructed with the neurofeedback therapist in mind and includes all major analyses such as Z-scored Amplitude, Phase Coherence, and Alpha Peak Detection.


To de-artifact EEGs, qEEG-Pro implements an original method known as Standardized Artifact Rejection Algorithm (S.A.R.A.). Developed by Dr. Andre Keizer, S.A.R.A. has gone through a thorough testing process in which the algorithms and parameters were systematically evaluated and refined.


The system evaluates 4 categories of EEG artifacts:


  • eye blinks
  • horizontal eye movements
  • low frequency artifacts (i.e. head movement)
  • high frequency artifacts (i.e. muscle tension)


When the de-artifacting procedure is complete, qEEG-Pro generates a .pdf report that shows the raw EEG in which the detected artifacts are marked in the time series. Moreover, the de-artifacted EEG is provided in .edf format so you can view and process your de-artifacted EEG in the software of your choice.


qEEG-Pro is also on the cutting edge of qEEG developments, by providing advanced sLORETA source reconstruction analyses and other innovative, highly useful metrics such as Extreme Z-score Development, Fluctuation Time, and Percentage Deviant Activity.


The qEEG-Pro Live Z-Score DLL provides a new standard in real-time neurofeedback. Among its innovative capabilities are the ability to define z-score target ranges individually for each client, so that you are not limited to predefined bands. All qEEG-Pro DLL frequency parameters are computed on 1-Hz boundaries, (0-45 Hz) so that any desired range can be visualized, imaged, or trained. The DLL supports full 19-channel surface Z-scores and maps, as well as sLORETA voxel Z-Scores for neurofeedback training and live 3-D brain imaging of 6,239 voxels at a rate of 8 frames per second.


The Live Z-Score DLL has also been designed with careful matching to amplifier characteristics, and includes a range of metrics for power and connectivity, for surface and sLORETA assessment, imaging, and neurofeedback training.



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