Neurofeedback Games

533-512.jpgZukor’s Grind


Zukor’s Grind is a next-generation feedback game for use in neurofeedback and biofeedback designed by professional game developers under the guidance of clinical practitioners. Zukor’s Grind benefits neurofeedback and biofeedback clinicians by giving them an unprecedented level of control of the patient feedback experience to increase both efficacy and patient retention. Zukor’s Grind’s youth-oriented graphics and skateboarding theme are perfect for use with teens, pre-teens and young adults, or anyone that is young at heart.



533-515.jpgZukor’s Carnival


Zukor’s Carnival is not a single game, but rather ten games in one. The games are based upon the simple, classic games featured in carnivals, state fairs and amusement parks. Since carnival games are familiar across all age groups and cultures, Zukor’s Carnival has a broad appeal that makes it useful for all ages of men, women and children around the world.





533-517.jpgZukor’s Sports1


Zukor’s Sports 1 is a clinical and peak performance feedback game which includes 10 popular mainstream sports games. It uses simple gameplay action focused on “accuracy” with a central visual focus. The following sports games are included: Baseball Pitching, Baseball Batting, Basketball Free Throw, Basketball 3-Point, Football Passing, and much more….




533-518.jpgZukor’s Drive


Zukor’s Drive is an advanced feedback game which offers gameplay from very relaxed to extremely intense, or any point in between. It is designed for clinical neurofeedback or biofeedback training and, with an upgrade, for peak performance training. Zukor’s Drive standard “Clinical Version” offers a solo or dual drive modes, plus an unique doppelgänger option in which the patient competes against their own past performance. It includes 15 diverse vehicles and 5 high-quality tracks.




533-513.jpgZukor’s Air


Zukor’s Air is a flying-themed feedback game featuring airplanes (modern and historic), animals (parrot, bat, bald eagle, etc.), insects (butterfly, bumble bee, etc.), dragons, a flying pink pig and more. Zukor’s Air will appeal to patients of all ages, including young children, girls, boys, teenagers and adults. The goal of Zukor’s Air is to fly across the Pacific ocean, from San Francisco to Japan, and along the way to fly through rings in the air for points. Zukor’s Air is optimized for clinical neurofeedback and biofeedback, which means it has a gameplay dynamic that emphasizes relaxed focus.




533-502.jpgCIS Suite


The CIS works with the BrainMaster software to provide 3D visualization capabilities and other human-to-computer interfacing possibilities. Suites of 3D display screens – called “feedback interfaces” – provide quality training experiences by presenting incoming streams of physiological data in pleasing and intuitive to use forms.




533-500.jpgInnerTube by Somatic Vision


The NEW 3D Add-on Neurofeedback game is pure feedback. Distinct rewards and inhibits change ship speed, level visibility and music volume immediately and clearly. Real 3D graphics, 20 unique levels. Responsive background music and optional joystick control keep your clients focused and compliant .




533-501.jpgParticle Editor by Somatic Vision


Add-on Neurofeedback tool. 2000 Objects, 138 Backgrounds, 79 Particle Types, 26 Feedback Types, 20 Preset Mini Games, Infinite Possibilities. These are not video clips. The graphics of these mini games are created by Particle Editor in response to bio/neurological changes. Load any of the 20+ included systems and enjoy the original music and full color, full motion feedback of Particle Editor where flowers, fish and beautiful abstract graphics are the feedback.