BrainDx Report Generator


The BrainDx Report Generator analyzes artifacted EEG readings and provides detailed analysis, brain mapping statistics, and summaries (including surface and sLORETA images). Two to three minutes of artifact-free digital electroencephalogram (EEG) input is compared to a continually refined and expanded normative database of more than 10,000 patients with DSM/ICD diagnosed with brain dysfunction.


  • Eyes Closed (EC) norms for ages 6-90
  • Eyes Open (EO) norms for ages 20-25
  • Discriminant states for child: abnormal, ADHD, ASD, LD
  • Discriminant states for adults: abnormal, depression (unipolar and bipolar), dementia (vascular and primary degenerative)


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Price: $1,495*


*This product is still in beta testing.