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Item #: 533-502A

All Brainmaster Products are Made in the USA.

Basic Feedback Suite by CIS

Item #: 533-502A

All Brainmaster Products are Made in the USA.

      The Cybernetic Interface System™ (CIS) is the premier platform for biofeedback-controlled 3D graphics. – The CIS works with the BrainMaster software to provide 3D visualization capabilities and other human-to-computer interfacing possibilities. Suites of 3D display screens, called “feedback interfaces”, provide quality training experiences by presenting incoming streams of physiological data in pleasing and intuitive to use forms.


Special Capabilities including:

    • – Tactile: Tactile feedback is a standard feature.
    • – CD Audio: Audio feedback using CDs is a standard feature built into nearly every CIS feedback interface. – Music: Feedback content can respond to music.
    • – Lighting: DMX lighting can be controlled by feedback interfaces.
    • – Electronic Devices: Custom-built applications controlling external electronic devices (switches, variable resistors/regulators, micro-controllers, etc) are also possible.
    • – Control by Multiple Users: Multiple people can connect to a feedback interface at the same time and control individual discreet aspects of it.
    • – Excellent CD audio feedback capabilities.
    • – Multi-sensory feedback capability and improved compliance with training requests.
    • – Built-in context-sensitive help for the feedback interfaces. Simple access to interface descriptions makes it easy to understand how a feedback interface works, without a resorting to a manual or tech support.
    • – Control over the amount reward or anti-reward provided to the trainee without modifying the training protocol in use by the acquisition system. Training runs, also known as “periods”, can be defined by the number of points or achievements to be earned, as well as time-based criteria.


A reliable feedback solution. If one CIS Suite runs on your computer without problems, they should all run (performance will vary based on the feedback content and hardware used). Feedback interfaces designed and reviewed by developers and testers who understand biofeedback, neurofeedback, operant conditioning, and qEEG. Feedback interfaces designed for various types of users and stimulation levels, as well as a number of generic feedback interfaces. Simultaneously conveys feedback information for multiple independent streams of data. No complex configuring or choices to make about how feedback is to work.

You can be sure you are going to be happy with your investment!

What are the requirements?

      System Requirements: Operating System:Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 Biofeedback System:BrainMaster 2.5 or newer
      CPU:AMD - Athlon XP or fasterIntel - PentiumIV or faster(dual-core or faster recommended)
      Graphics Card:Any graphics card that supports hardware-accelerated DirectX 9 or OpenGL 2.(many Intel graphics chips do not fully support 3D graphics - a potential issue for some laptops).
      Sound Card:Any sound card/chip.
      RAM:512 MB (recommended - enough for the operating system to run efficiently)
    Hard Drive Space:100 MB minimum free space (depends on the number of CIS Suites installed)