BrainAvatar 4.0 Release Version and Notes

This Knowledge Base covers the release version notes, as well as the notes for each release of the BrainMaster BrainAvatar 4.0 Seres Software.

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Previous Updates


4.6.4 Update General Updates:
-Improved Impedance Map Interface, A2 Electrode now in the proper location
-Review Session Results Button now launches the Stand-alone Application

-New Protocols have been developed for both High and Low Resolution Monitors

-New Crib Notes created with brief overview of the built-in protocols

-ROI Description Panel improvements eliminate disappearing of text going to different panels


New Z-Score Training DLL:

-qEEGPro Z-Score Training DLL is available for both Surface and sLORETA Z-Scores

-Customized Bands are available for the following Metrics:

-Absolute Power

- Assymmetry

-sLORETA Absolute Power

-For all other metrics, standard defined bands will need to be used


New Features:

-Support included for:

-Freedom 7D

-Freedom 24D

-Using the 3D Head Map, clients can create their own custom ROI.  This ROI can then be used for:

-CSD (Amplitude) Training

- BrainDX Z-Score Training

- qEEGPro Z-Score Training

-The ROI will stay saved in that Settings File

-The ROI can be exported to a Settings File that others can use
Interface Improvements:

-Text Improvements on all panels

-The following panels have been given independent Font Controls:

-Text Stats

-Z-Score Text

-Z-Score ROI Text

-Z-Score Voxel Text
EDF Review Improvements:

-Marking past size of screen now allowed
-Analyze files now date and time stamped to eliminate overwriting files
New Panels:

-The following panels have been added

-Z-Score ROI Text

-Z-Score Voxel Text

-ROI Amplitudes

4.5.6 Update General Updates: Improved Atlantis Acquisition Channel Order
-Improved Impedance Map Interface, only shows the impedances for channels being acquired
-Review Session Results now has a shortcut on the Desktop that can be launched as a stand-alone program to be run at the same time as the software
-Interface for BrainMaster Echo has been added
-EDF Review Improvements: Fp1 Label no longer missing
-Removed general unnecessary options
-Resolved an issue with bad annotations
-Annotations can be deleted again
-Shortcuts to the Studies and Settings Folders will now be on your Desktop
-New Panels: New Event Text Panel allows you to display Event Text in larger sizes
-ROI Description Panel, will describe basic information on the ROI that you looking at. Currently only Broddman Areas have this information
-Panel Improvements: Z-Bars now have a panel menu
- Z-Bars can now be moved using Panel Wizard
4.5.5 Update -Installer Updates: -Installer will now install any additional programs (including Hardware Drivers) without anything additional required by the client. This means, that there is now a 32-Bit version and a 64-Bit version of the installer
General Updates: -Acquisition channel order no longer requries to be in the default Discovery Channel order
-All default 19 Channel protocols are configured for LE Format
Interface Updates: -Annotation bar has been added to allow you to choose from 12 different customizable annotations, which can be marked by using the mouse, or the F Hot Keys
-New Drop-Down List on the Training Screen allows you to change the Eye Recording Condition on-the-fly, which will create a new, properly marked EDF without the software needing to be closed
-New Drop-Down List allows you to change the Training Waveforms Channel configuration on-the-fly
-Improved Photic MicroTesla Interface
-New Electrodes Tab, allows the renaming of electrode positions
-Improved Folder Selections Interface displays more information
Protocol Changes: -New Lo Res Protocols, now specifically designed for 1376 x 768 screens are included, along with our standard hi res protocols
-ROI CSD Protocols now Included
-All Z-Score protocols now include a Dynamic version, as well as standard version
-Panel Improvements: Volume and Surface Maps now separated
-Z-Scores: BrainDX Z-Scores have Population Projected Eyes-Open Norms for Ages 6-17
4.4.5 Update -General Updates: Z-Maps will now show all Z-Score information, whether the value is being trained or not
-Z-Score Text Panel can now choose to either show all Z-Score values, or Trained-Only Z-Score values
-Impedance Map display improved with easier to read numbers and color chart
-Analysis & Z-Builder now function with less than 19 Channel EDF files
-Analysis can now also display Voxel information on the 3D Head Map Display
-Improvements to ZPlus
-General improvements to the 3D Head Map Display
-Improvements to Atlantis Software Impedance readings
-Text error in 4 Channel Z-Score Text display corrected
-Improvements to the Annotation system
-General software fixes
-New Functions in Event Wizard to support up to 19 channel Single Z-Scores: ZScoreZAP(Channel, Band), ZScoreZRP(Channel, Band)
-New Feature: Client Screen has the Panel Wizard System implemented. Now, the client screen can be implemented
4.4.4 Update -General Updates: Improvements to Z-Map Displays
-Z-Score Text Panel has the ability to display non-trained sites
-Software installer now automatically installs DirectX and a Microsoft Redistributable at the time of installation
-Impedance measurements are now color coded for easy identification
-Review Marking should now allow proper marking of Bad, Eye Blink and Artifact
-Improved Data processing for 3rd Party software and Games
-Atlantis Bipolar acquisiton now enabled, to allow the Atlantis compatible for up to 4 channels of Bipolar montages
-General software fixes
-New Functions in Event Wizard to support up to 19 channel amplitude training: TrnV(Channel, Band)
-New Feature: BrainAvatar Analysis. Currently functions with 19 Channels and Surface readings only
4.4.1 Update -Add-on Feature Upgrade: BrainDX Live Z-Score Training DLL Implementation now includes Eyes open data. The ages for Eyes open goes from ages 18 - 80.
-Improvements to EEG Review: BrainAvatar can now review EDF, BDF, or DAT files. This includes the playback feature.
-Interface Improvements: EDF and Sum files cannot be selected off to be created. BDF, ASCII, Lexicor, and bbsm file outputs are still optional, and if wanted, must be turned on.
-Amplitude Training for up to 19 Channels and up to 15 filtered bands now implemented on the Training Tab. New interface is tabbed style, to go to each band training is wanted on. Also for convenience, an additional tab called "ALL" will allow you to make changes to all training channels at once.
-4 Channel Z-Score Training now available for BrainDX
-Improvements to EDF output help to eliminate missed 0's on Date
-Atlantis Bipolar acquisiton now enabled, to allow the Atlantis compatible for up to 4 channels of Bipolar montages
-Improvements to Atlantis Software Impedance readings
-Bands 9 - 15 color fixes
-Event Wizard Color Wheel fully functional
-General Event Wizard fixes
-New Functions in Event Wizard to support up to 19 channel amplitude training: TrnA(Channel, Band), TrnT(Channel, Band), TrnF(Channel, Band), TrnE(Channel, Band, TrnP(Channel, Band)
-New Feature: Switch Triggers for Atlantis can work in both Acquistion or Training Channels
-Z-Score Maps can now adjust the range
-Improvements to Text Stat Layout and Event Wizard MIDI Controls
-Initial implementation of Mouse Hover tips
-General Software improvements
4.3.1 Update -Add-on Feature Upgrade: BrainDX Live Z-Score Training DLL Implementation now goes from ages 6 - 80.
-Improved code for Autothresholding
-First 8 characters of patient name now added to EDF File Header
-Improvements to Z-Score Interface now allow sLORETA Z-Scores to be trained using the PZOKUL Method. New functions for this have been implemented: PercentZBRA(Threshold), PercentZBRAUL(Upper Threshold, Lower Threshold)
-4 Channel Z-Score Training now available for BrainDX
-Improvements to Artifact Rejection, including the ability to turn off this feature by entering the number 9999
-Z-Score Maps now have more legible labels
-Ready To Start Pop-up Message now displays Z-Score channels, and type (When apllicable)
-All Z-Score Training is now from Acquired waveforms vs. Training channels. This improvement only applies to 4 Channel Z-Score Training. But, this now allows 4 channel Z-Score Training to be controlled from the Z-Score Tab.
4.21.3 Update -New Add-on Feature: BrainDX Live Z-Score Training DLL Implementation. This initial release of BrainDX is Eyes Closed, with ages ranging from 16 - 80, and includes Surface and sLORETA Z-Scores. With this implementation, new variables have been implemented: LoretaROIZAP(ROI,Band), LoretaROIZAPL(ROI, Band), LoretaROIZAPR(ROI, Band)
-Photic controls on Atlantis implemented
-New Photic controls for Left and Right rates independent
-BrainAvatar now handles EDF Files (when a properly registered)
-EDF Annotations appear in Navigation bar
-Threshold number can now go negative
-Improvements to Training Channel Setup
-Improvements to Atlantis Scaling Factor
-General Software improvements
4.21.0 Update -New Event Feature: The function "Acquired(x)" which returns the instantaneous acquired signal
-Review Session will now produce a csv file that contains Event Information
-Many fixes for Z-Scores
-Equation flags fixes have been placed in the Event Wizard
-Fixes for switching between Eyes Open and Eyes Closed for the EDF saving
-Corrected distribution curves in ZBuilder validation data
-Corrections to Peak-To-Peak vs. RMS scaling and thresholding
-LoretaROIA now displays in either Peak-To-Peak or RMS
-New Event Variable: SELECTROI-This will now train the Region of Interest that has been selected on a specific Head Map Display
4.2.8 Update -Voxel display can show ROI averages rather than individual voxel values
-Voxel display can be color by maximum band rather than intensity
-Events Values added to Reveiew Session Results
-Fixes to Event Wizard Variables
-Fixed the clock display
-Fixed Events that have comments followed by multiple spaces
-Equations are now case insensitive
-Additions to Acquisition: Now, you can choose between LE and A1 reference
-Many new Z-Score corrections have been implemented
4.2.7 Update -Equation editor will now warn if undefined variables are used
-Fixes to the damping of the LoretaROIAs to be consistent with the main filters
-New functions for LoretaROIA: LoretaROIAL and LoretaROIAR
-In the Equation Editor, band names (e.g. DELTA) will be compared to the uppercase conversions of the bandname: So Delta matches DELTA
4.2.6 Update -Improved handling of new studies created with existing settings files
-Improved operation with ANI Z-Score DLL, including Z-Bars & starting and stopping the software with-out closing the software
-Tab renaming fixes
-Fixes for Panel Wizard
-Improved ZBuilder calculations for voxel norms
-Changes to the LoretaROI. Now, it is less spiky.
4.2.4 Update -Correct Hardware that the software is logged in using is required for full system use
-Fix for saving date of birth
-Fixes for flat maps
-Double-click functions on read/write settings now functions as it should
-E-Mail address now properly saves on Log-in File Tab
-Global settings comport selection now has DDL
4.2.3 Update -Event thermometers have been implemented
-Using Event thermometers now control thresholds or constant values by dragging the threshold indicator
-New version of font for the Event Trend Graph
-Improvements to the Event Equations
-Event Trend Graphs and Event Thermometers now correctly use event scaling
4.2.1 Update -"Flat Lines" when playing back files created in BrainMaster or BrainAvatar have been resolved
-Recording issues of EDF's in the BrainAvatar Software
-Improved functionality in the ZBuilder
-Panel Wizard implemented
-When opening an EEG for playback, you can select only a portion to playback and continue to loop
4.1.3 Update -Similarities implemented for all acquired channel combinations
-Connections now display properly in 3D Head Map
-Improved channel mapping when reding NeuroGuide EDF Files
-Improvements in ZBuilder Output
-Many other fixes
4.1.2 Update -Improvements to D3D dialogs
-New Auto-Palette for 3D Head Maps
-EDF Filenames corrected
-Labeling added to CSA
-Colors corrected in events
4.1.1 Update -Further improvements to MIDI event sounds, correctly resetting for each change
-Connections map added to 3D Head Map
-Corrections to EEG dispaly scaling when uv/mm is thanged
-Fixes for Head Map Dialog Panel
-Palette range can now be changed with the Head Maps Panel Menu
-Color key for 3D Head Map now included
-Improved contour Thermometer Draw
-Improved filtering speed
-Changed some traps to full message dialogs for clarity
-Setup now retains settings when a new folder is selected and current settings are used
-Fixed greying out of "View or Change Settings"
-Fixed "Next Sesssion Number" -Program will not exit on "No more sessions can be run in this folder" until after setup is closed
4.0.18 Updated -This release fixes issues with MIDI sounds and events
-Some improvements to thermometer image initialization speed
4.0.17 Update -Fonts have been resized and cleaned up for a more crisp look
-Many fixes for with less than 4 training channels
-The large startup transient with Discovery has been reduced
-Corrections for the frequency band menu
-RMS text values can be selected for acquired and train waveforms
-Problems with thermometer images have been resolved
4.0.16 Update -The graphics memory size has been increased to allow on the fly "number of channel" changes
-Z-Scores working for ANI and BrainMaster Z-Score DLLs
-Improved Flat Map Displays(19 Channel Only)
-BrainMaster Z-Scores functioning with 3D Brain Scalp Display
-Improved filtering algorithm with sine/cosine table lookup for filters at interger Hz settings
-Improved behavior when an old style settings file is read in
-ZScatter plots working for zap, zrp and zpr
-Selected theme is retained in settings
4.0.15 Update -Various fixes to setup and menu callbacks
4.0.14 Update -Z-Scores now partially working for 4 and 19 Channels, using the ANI Z-Score DLL. If you get problems while initializing please try copying the file ANI_CDBF.key from c:\brainm.20 to c:\Program Files\BrainMaster\Avatar\Bin
-Z-Score Flat Maps are under the Flat Maps Display
-Text Z-Score Panels working
-Switching between 4 and 19 channel Z-Scores not supported yet. If you have run with one setting and then changed, please exit the program and restart
4.0.13 Update -Many additions to the setup screens
-ZBuilder additions
-Additions to sounds
4.0.10 Update -Many BSetup fixes
-4 Channel Z-Scores working with BM ZScore DLL
-Colors corrected on line graphs
-Fix filter for Raw EEG(Now set as 0.0 - 0.0)
-Fixed an error in sound code
4.0.8 Update -Z-Score setup is now split from acquisition setup
-Fixed frequency band setup
-Added detail to Bsetup Main
-Corrected band colors
4.0.7 Update -Improvements to thermometer displays
-EDF File creation and reading is fixed for compatibility with EDFBrowser and NeuroGuide Files
4.0.6 Update -Fixes to voxel display damping implemented
-Many BSetup additions and fixes
-Some corrections to BSM file output
-Added some external binaries and implemented buttons(Session Librarian)
-Additional functions in BrainMaster Z-Scores
4.0.5 Update -The error resulting from a screen resize or minimize fixed
-The text panel has been improved and can now display arbitrary # channels and bands
-Text panel screen geometry fixed and can now be used in the overlay tab
-Correct USB Drivers now included in distribution
4.0.4 Update -Fixed error in voxel display
4.0.3 Update -Attempts to minimize the amount of graphics memory being used for better results on laptops and other systems.
-There is now a help menu item on the top toolbar
-In "about" under "help" the details include current graphics memory usage.
4.0.2 Update -Mechanism for selecting the Z-Builder system has been implemented into the Golbal Settings Section
-Building Z-Builder system added to the system
-The ability to view Z-Builder file improved(can use Excel)
4.0.1 Update -All ROIs are now available as events
-Many fixes in the setup screen(feedback and feedback control), callbacks, and button handlers
-LoretaROI variables now available when headmaps are not running

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