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Live Z Score Training with the New Discovery 24E

“An introduction to the Live Z Score Neurofeedback Training available for the New BrainMaster Discovery 24E”.


Multivariate Proportional (MVP) Targeting in the BrainMaster system is a new method that combines metrics such as live Z-scores in a unique manner, to facilitate operant conditioning and neurofeedback training.  It differs from conventional multivariate techniques in that it creates “composite targets” from individual targets, thus providing complex feedback.  It is not the same an existing multivariate techniques that essentially compute new functions of many variables, to produce new metrics.  Existing approaches do not in themselves address targeting, feedback, and learning in the way that the BrainMaster MVP method does.  BrainMaster has been using the MVP method or Live Z Score Training for over 4 years, with growing clinical acceptance and success.


BrainMaster is the only vendor providing 4-channel comprehensive live Z-score training for neurofeedback training.  Other providers are still working on the basics, while we are continually refining techniques and software.