License Policy

Licensure and Equipment Use Statement

It is not uncommon in the neurofeedback and biofeedback business to find that an individual has acquired a piece of equipment that was originally sold to another party, an institution, or a reseller. Sometimes such equipment is sold, moved, donated, or otherwise finds itself in a different ownership than that on record. In such cases, the current owners may contact us for further sales or support, for equipment now in a different environment or with a different owner.
It is our policy that follow-up, upgrades, warranties or additional equipment or software can generally be sold only to the original purchaser on record. If equipment changes ownership, then BrainMaster has the right to request a copy of the new owners license and request authorization confirmation from the supervising practitioner of record.


All biofeedback equipment is considered medical equipment. It is each individual’s responsibility to comply with state and federal laws related to the sale and use of said equipment.
BrainMaster assumes no responsibility for the actions that are out of its control.


BrainMaster does not condone the unauthorized use of equipment. This is necessary in order to comply with the labeling requirements as defined by the US FDA (per 510K 990538).
Under no circumstances should unlicensed individuals purchase or use neurofeedback equipment, unless personally and properly supervised by a licensed practitioner.


Unlicensed individuals should never use medical equipment on other individuals without appropriate, direct and licensed supervision. To do so may be interpreted as practicing medicine without a license.  Please check your state biofeedback regulations.
Licensed practitioners retain sole responsibility for claims made, marketing and use of BrainMaster equipment and systems within the scope of their respective State license.