Electrodes Policy

Electrode Care

Please note: BrainMaster sells multiple types of electrodes; gold, tin and silver, these should never be mixed with use on patients. You must use the same metal type in all electrodes during a recording or your collected data will not be valid. Each metal type has its own properties and will cause an unstable recording environment if mixed.


Always use the same type of electrodes (gold, silver, tin) when connecting a patient. Do not mix metals as this can degrade system performance and cause inaccurate readings.


Prior to hooking up a patient

  1. Inspect all lead wires for cracks and kinks in the wiring.
    Pay close attention to the ends nearest the female connector and the connection closest to the electrode itself as these areas tend to crack and break the easiest.
  2. Inspect the electrode itself for any corrosion, or loss of metal plating as this will affect your ability to acquire clean, low impedance, low dc offset (Discovery only) recordings.
  3. If damage to an electrode is suspected do not use it.


Always visually inspect all electrodes prior to use as cracked or damaged leads can cause inaccurate readings.


After your session


  1. Immediately after your session remove excess material and then soak your electrodes (cup end only) in warm soapy water for approximately 20 minutes to loosen up the remaining paste.
    Avoid submerging the female connector jack in water if possible.
  2. Clean your electrodes using warm running water and a q-tip or other non-abrasive items to remove all remaining paste from the electrode.
  3. Remove excess liquid by wiping the electrode down with a paper towel and hang them to dry.
    If they are needed immediately ensure that the electrode is completely dry using a paper towel or other non-abrasive cloth.


Other Considerations


The cleaning instructions above can be used with the Electro-Cap Ear-Clips only. Consult the Electro-Cap manual for care and cleaning procedures for your Electro-Cap.


Electrodes WILL need to be replaced eventually they will not last forever, however proper care will ensure that your electrodes will last. The typical life of an electrode depends on several factors:


  1. The type of metal (Gold, Tin or Silver)
  2. The amount of use they receive
    Once a week verses several times a day
  3. How well they are cared for


How Long will my Electrodes Last?

  • Gold and Silver electrodes can last up to 2 years, depending on usage and care.
  • Tin electrodes can last from 6 months to a year


Electrodes Warranty

BrainMaster recommends replacing your electrodes at minimum in 6 month cycles in order to maintain proper functioning equipment.


Please note: BrainMaster only warrantees your electrodes for 90-days from the time of purchase as they are considered a consumable item. Please inspect all electrodes upon receipt for damage. Consult your BrainMaster Warranty for further information or contact BrainMaster Support at 1-440-232-6000 M-F 9:30 – 6:00 PM EST or email support@brainm.com with any questions.


Electro-Cap Warranty

Electro-Cap International Inc.’s limited warranty provides for repair or replacement of any item that, due to defects in materials or workmanship, fails to function properly within ninety (90) days from receipt. Following the warranty period, there will be a nominal charge for repair of Electro-Caps. Broken wires at the mount, inside the cap or at the connector plugs, connectors and electrode mounts are considered repairable. If malfunctions are experienced, the cap can be returned to Electro-Cap International, Inc. for evaluation and repair. Normally the items will be repaired and shipped within 48 hours from receipt. Electro-Caps, when properly used and maintained, can be used for approximately 300 to 600 applications. Elasticity of the material dictates the life of the cap. When a cap becomes stretched and loses its elasticity, it must be discarded and replaced as the electrode placements will be inaccurate and artifacts will occur more often.