What does BrainMaster do?

Single Source


BrainMaster is a single source of hardware, software, support, and training. Although we do support third-party packages and enhancements, you do not need to go to one source for hardware, another for software, another for “setups”, another for support, etc. In addition, the entire BrainMaster system is approved for clinical use, providing both the clinician and the trainee with a system that can be used with confidence.




You can configure and apply basic protocols with only a few mouse clicks. You do not need to acquire setups or designs from anyone else, although a wide range of special packages and software are available. Just create a training “folder”, choose the settings file, and begin. Settings can be changed at any time, using our setup screens, or “on the fly”. It is also very simple to design custom protocols. All designs are done with simple control screens, allowing you to select the parameters, displays, and sounds suited to the task. All changes are automatically remembered for the next session, allowing you to pick up where you left off.


Ease of use


No need to design detailed screens, processing designs, or outputs. BrainMaster’s unique panel and window design allows you to choose displays up front, or while running. Even if you did not anticipate the need to see a particular component or display, you can always select it on the fly, and view it, then turn it back off again in an instant. The same is true of our sound modes, voices, and feedback modes. You can get what you need, when you need it.




BrainMaster’s built-in processing is uniform and consistent. While you can change many parameters (frequency bands, thresholds, autothreshold targets, etc), you can be confident that if you leave them as is, you will get consistent and repeatable results. No need to wonder about what the underlying design has built into it, what another user may have changed, or what is unique about a “special” design.




Our signal processing routines are optimized for EEG training. Based upon years of research in analog and digital techniques, the BrainMaster’s unique Quadrature Analyzer provides fast and accurate feedback of all EEG variables including amplitude, phase, frequency, coherence, similarity, comodulation, and other component values. Our built-in envelope detection, coherence and phase calculation, and related functions provide responses faster than conventional designs, which is significant for effective EEG training. Moreover, both fast Quadrature Digital Filters and Fast Fourier Transforms (FFT) are used, to provide an ideal combination of fast response for training, plus comprehensive analysis for spectral displays and statistics.




with over 4000 systems in service, BrainMaster is field-proven. And with over 200 improvements since our first system appeared in 1995, you know that the latest techniques and features are available, or coming soon, under our continued aggressive development programs. In addition, our unique “Remote” architecture allows clinicians to deploy home systems with confidence, knowing that the trainees are using the prescribed protocols, which can be easily changed under remote control, and that results will be consistently reported.




BrainMaster systems can be used for assessment as well as training, and are also ideal for teaching, research, and other applications. A wide range of hardware and software extensions are available, including our MultiMedia Player, EEG Audio “Deep States” software, the MINI-Q assessment tool, and the NeuroGuide software from Applied Neuroscience, just to name a few.




BrainMaster provides EEG instrumentation, software, sensors and connectors including our FlexTrode and FlexCap systems, StimFlash and Interactor hardware and software for photic and vibrotactile stimulation, additional animation and sound software, the MINI-Q assessment tool and support software, plus other enhancements and extensions.




BrainMaster equipment and software is clinical-grade. Applicable testing and registration (FDA, IEC 60601-2, CE, etc). It is suited for clinical or research use, both for EEG and for biofeedback. When combined with other clinical packages such as NeuroGuide, it provides a quality end-to-end solution for EEG assessment and training.




BrainMaster has added dozens of features and options to the system, since our inception in 1995. It is possible to add capabilities as they become available, or as you need them, at any time. We also offer upgrade paths for both software and hardware, to allow users to remain current as new capabilities and specifications become available (when technically possible).




Leading clinicians, educators, and researchers use BrainMaster systems, and the body of published material citing BrainMaster is growing. The BrainMaster staff also works with, and has held positions with, professional organizations such as the ISNR and the AAPB. These ties help us to encourage professional standards, as well are research and education.




All component values (amplitude, frequency, coherence, phase, etc) are consistently and automatically logged to disk regardless of the training protocol used. You are always able to retrieve and review session results, even while the session is running! No postprocessing or special steps are necessary. You can run your sessions under time pressure and clinical demands, confident that the session results are safely put away, for easy review in a minute, in an hour, or in a year. A wide range of review options provides graphs, text summaries, reports, and Excel spreadsheets, all at the touch of a button, for all your training sessions.


Remote Support


You are never more than a few mouse clicks away from our Session Librarian that allows you to compress, package up, and email or save all session data. Settings and results are saved in a single file, that provides a digital “trainee folder” that can be transported to other computers, run on them, and moved to other computers when needed to service a wide range of home, school, office, and other remote environments, plus maintain clinical oversight and control when needed.


Experience and Commitment


The BrainMaster system and company are backed by individuals with many years of experience in the fields of EEG, clinical neurophysiology, computer science, personal improvement, biofeedback, and product development and marketing. Our experience is applied to providing a comprehensive set of products and services directed toward the needs of the neurofeedback and clinical EEG community. We are committed to ongoing results, not just to a single product or service.




BrainMaster’s philosophy has always remained the same. Offer the highest quality for the most affordable cost. With BrainMaster you are able to begin clinical training or remote home training economically yet be assured of the highest quality available. And, you may add additional software or other features to the system when you choose, at a time when adding equity fits your budget.


“BrainMaster,” “FlexTrode,” “FlexCap,” “StimFlash,” and “MINI-Q” are trademarks of BrainMaster Technologies, Inc.


One or more of the following US patents may apply: 5899867, 6574513, 693127