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2014 Corvette Stingray and BrainAvatar®

Wed, 13 Apr 2016 at 7:13pm

General Motors has always been a leader in innovation, and no machine or symbol is more iconic than the Corvette Stingray. So when GM decided to create a revolutionary “reverse test drive,” there was only one choice for state-of-the-art live brain monitoring technology to show drivers’ mental states and reactions to the unique experience of […]


San Diego Chargers DE Corey Liuget Finds

at 7:12pm

We are fortunate to be working with Corey Liuget, 2011 first-round draft pick starting defensive lineman with the San Diego Chargers. He has added BrainAvatar neurofeedback to his 2014-2015 training regimen, and talks about focus, “not thinking,”, and being in the zone. He is off to an excellent season start, having done a great job […]


Groundbreaking article on neurofeedback

Fri, 15 Jan 2016 at 8:27am

Tom Collura (Ph.D, BCN, qEEG-D) has recently published a study with colleagues Carlos Zalaquett (Ph.D, LMHC), Ron Bonnstetter (Ph.D), and Seria Chatters (Ph.D) titled “Toward an Operational Model of Decision-Making, Emotional Regulation, and Mental Health Impact.” Published in the most recent issue of Advances in Mind-Body Medicine, the article delves into the use of real-time […]