BrainMaster Vision

Our Company, BrainMaster Technologies, Inc., one of the fruits of the BrainMaster Project, aims to help put low-cost, effective electroencephalographic (EEG) brainwave monitoring and analysis into the hands of everyone with the interest or need. We provide information and resources on the development and use of small EEG brainwave machines for a variety of uses such as neurofeedback or EEG biofeedback. Over the years, thousands of people have used this project and the internet to learn about important uses of brainwave technology, neurofeedback, and EEG biofeedback.


Application areas include clinical and personal neurofeedback, biofeedback, peak-performance, self-improvement, education, research, self-exploration, and brain-controlled systems, in addition to games, art, sports, recreation, brain calisthenics, mental conditioning and improvement, and virtual reality.


“The BrainMaster Project is based on the belief that the last, most important frontier is the mind. It is not space, not the oceans, or even the conservation of the earth. It is not medical breakthroughs. It is the mind, individually and collectively.”


-Thomas Collura, Founder


thomascolluraThe universe is created continually by the individual and collective mind of man, and it is to that creation that we must heed. By exploring and mastering the navigation of inner-space, we may also prevail over the physical, external bounds that confront us. By understanding and appreciating the inner mind, we may put the external world into perspective, so we may better understand and function in it. The vision is that we may become as aware of our minds as we are of our surroundings and bodies. Mental well-being and mental fitness shall be as important as physical well-being and physical fitness. People will accept and honor the uniqueness and importance of their ability to be conscious and aware of themselves and their surroundings. This awareness and appreciation can lead to an improved quality of life.


To this end, it is important to devote ourselves to the study of the brain and the mind, and an appreciation of all the miracles therein. It is important to devote ourselves to the care and nurturing of the brain and mind, in concert with the body, and all aspects of the external world. It is important to develop, understand, and share the means of achieving these goals, particularly with the use of knowledge instruments, methods, and procedures that increase self-awareness and self-control, and that may help lead us into health and well being. It is important to recognize and appreciate our innate ability to become healthy, strong, and happy, and to identify the means to remain so.


The BrainMaster Project is based on a goal of exploring the brain and the mind using EEG (Electroencephalograph) brainwave technology, and sharing the knowledge. It is hoped that this will be stimulating, exciting, and fun. It has been, so far.