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Our company, BrainMaster Technologies, Inc., one of the fruits of the BrainMaster Project, aims to help to put low-cost eeg neurofeedback technology, effective electroencephalographic (EEG) brainwave monitoring and analysis into the hands of everyone with the interest or need and provides information and resources on the development and use of small EEG brainwave machines for a variety of uses. Over the years, thousands of people have used this project and the internet to learn about important uses of brainwave technology.


Application areas include clinical and personal biofeedback, peak-performance, self-improvement, education, research, self-exploration, and brain-controlled systems, in addition to games, art, sports, recreation, brain calisthenics, mental conditioning and improvement, and virtual reality.


“We are a single source of neurofeedback equipment, neurofeedback software, support and training for EEG and neurofeedback medical devices and systems.”



We are a medical and consumer device and systems developer and manufacturer. We’ve been incorporating more than 30 years of experience in medical and industrial electronics, software, systems engineering, and fitness and health care products. We are the leaders in the areas of personal fitness, EEG (electroencephalograph)  neurofeedback brainwave training, brain modification technology, and both clinical and personal neurofeedback.


Our mission is to develop and provide state-of-the-art neurofeedback devices and neurofeedback systems for the improvement of mental functioning and the awareness of brain states. While also making these neurofeedback products available for widespread use in clinics worldwide. We believe that we are part of a revolution in consciousness and brain technology that is opening promising new avenues for the full expression of human potential.


We develop and/or provide EEG-based neurofeedback equipment, neurofeedback software, neurofeedback systems, publications and training directed toward the emerging fields of neurofeedback, mental fitness, and personal biofeedback.


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A BrainMaster Presentation Excerpt


“The BrainMaster Project is based on the belief that the last, most important frontier is the mind. It is not space, not the oceans, or even the conservation of the earth. It is not medical breakthroughs. It is the mind, individually and collectively.” -Thomas Collura, Founder